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AFLAC Reviews

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  • Racist commercial

    I dont understand what the current commercial is about but its racist as hell , and needs to be taken off of the air. I truly dont know why that bird landed on that Black ladys hair, but Aflac is trying to very racially insinuate that NATURAL BLACK HAIR LOOKS LIKE A BIRDS NEST. When the hell did Aflac become beauty experts or sell anything other than pipe dreams and insurance? If the commercial is not taken off of the air , I am going to start a petition for Black people to boycott you. We do not need your racist ass insults, your insurance, or your subjective attitude about beauty.... More...
    Tiffanymils's Picture   Tiffanymils    1 Comments   Comments
  • Very Disappointed

    Oct. 2012 I started getting sick, I worked 50-60 hours in the field, renegotiated a position in the office for 30. Which I could not hold up. By March, working less than 5 and after 2 visits to the MAYO Clinic, I had to retire. I spoke with my AFLAC Agent she told me how long after I could file and yes I was covered. I left the country for a few months hoping to get better. When I returned, I filed a claim with AFLAC, THEY TURNED ME DOWN BECAUSE I COULD NOT GIVE THEM AN EXACT DATE I GOT SICK. It started in October and I had to quit in March because I could not work full time in the field... More...
    VivSale's Picture   VivSale    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't think that you are the exception--get out now!!!

    I am so disillusioned. After supporting AFLAC as a company rep and paying premiums for over 20 years, I had an accident. I have been playing games with AFLAC for 6 months. They claim they do not have records of a claim, they acknowledge receiving a claim, they say they are reviewing the claim, and then they ask for more money from me to pay another premium. Then it starts all over--"what claim?" Giving up is not in my nature, but I finally have to admit defeat. Somewhere, someone in AFLAC should worry about karma. More...
    CarolLB's Picture   CarolLB    0 Comments   Comments

    I have been trying for three weeks to contact a agent to sign up for Aflac coverage. The representative we had been connected with had left the company and no one thought to make us aware of this! I have been calling andeavung messages with no reply. I called Aflac customer service and then I was told out rep was no longer with the company. They gave me a new number to call for a different rep and that number was out of service. I called back and got another never for a different rep and left a message with no response! I feel like I should not have to hunt down a agent to help us! This is... More...

    We are in the process of cancelling all of our 5 policies with aflac, They are NOT TRUE to their word....They take your money but they dont hold there end of the deal to pay out on their claims....They find every reason in the book to deny your claim even when you are entitled to payment. I have been back and forth with these people for months now and everytime I speak to a representative on the phone they have yet another road block as to why they cant send us our money.....I would never recommend this company to any business ever.... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
  • Non payment of claim

    2 weeks ago I submitted a valid claim for $1000.00 against my Hospitalization policy. After 1 1/2 weeks they sent me $75.00 for three doctor visits, and denied my overnight hospital stay claim.The kicker is that the reason they gave for denial was that my claim fell within the first 30 days of my policy start date. This is false, but if that mattered, why did they give me anything? I resubmitted documentation pointing out in unmistakable detail where they were wrong in denying my claim. Now, 4 days later, I notice when I sign in to my account that "portions of this claim are still... More...
  • Aflac is horrible

    I purchased the Aflac Critical Care policy and it is a complete joke and very misleading. It plainly states that carcinoma in situ is covered but according to them it is not. I had to have a partial mastectomy due to lobular carcinoma in situ and Aflac has denied my claim. It clearly states in their brochure that carcinoma in situ pays 25% however once I filed my claim with the pathologist report and the paperwork signed off by my surgeon they have denied the claim. They keep telling me that it was not invasive and I have explained to them had it been invasive it would have been filed... More...
    Morgpark1's Picture   Morgpark1    2 Comments   Comments
  • CRI Critical Care Claim

    I have the critical care policy with Aflac and it states that they will pay 25% of the cancer payout for carcinoma in situ. Wrong! They do not pay anything for carcinoma in situ and I have the claim form completed by my surgeon and a pathologist report. Because the path report said it was not invasive they would not pay. As usual they had in there very deep fine line definitions that they define which is totally different from the medical true definition. More...
    Morgpark1's Picture   Morgpark1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Dental insurance

    I signed up for their dental insurance mostly because one of their agents started showing up at my office EVERY DAY, getting in the way of business. Sure, I was shopping for dental insurance, so he showed up at a good time, but I probably would have gone elsewhere if he wasn't constantly getting in the way of business and just would not leave. Stupid decision, but a decision I made nonetheless. After a couple of months, I found better insurance, so I decided to cancel. First of all, they post cancel. So while I canceled on the 10th of July, they told me I'd still get charged... More...
    Mmilj's Picture   Mmilj    3 Comments   Comments
  • aflac accident coverage.

    As all Insurance companies, AFLAC is also unjust and greedy. While my sickness visits were paid out when claimed, the higher payout on my only accident in 3 years was denied even though i went to DR, got and x-ray, and went to physical therapy to heal, just as the policy listed the requirements. AVOID, investing your money anywhere else! More...
    jaketc007's Picture   jaketc007    1 Comments   Comments
  • aflac reception employees

    I recently was given the opportunity to apply for a position with AFLAC in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. When I arrived I filled out a questionnaire and was informed that the individual that was to interview would be different than on the e-mail so I waited in the lobby. As I waited the two ladies at the reception area were reviewing potential candidates from internet applications. They found a great deal of humor in the answers given by applicants. I felt as though this was a very unprofessional exhibit of behavior as they openly critiqued peoples applications crudely. These individuals... More...
    johnhale's Picture   johnhale    0 Comments   Comments
  • Employer Billing Screwup

    We have a small business where I pay some of our bills automatically from online banking. When I overpaid due to forgetting to reduce the payment to reflect an employee leaving, instead of applying the overpayment to my account or even calling me to ask how it should be applied, they sent the overpayment to the former employee, even after I informed them immediately when that employee left three months prior to the overpayment! I tried for months to get them to fix this and I was told I needed to collect it from the employee. My local agent even got involved trying to help me and was not... More...
    servpro9485's Picture   servpro9485    3 Comments   Comments
  • Aflac, example of corporate greed

    my name is and i have Aflac health coverage for about a year and 4 mouths. i recently was hurt with a foot injury. i was able to get a appointment with my doctor 4 days after the incident. i submitted the claim to aflac and later denied because i was over the 72 hours before i was able to be seen by a doctor. i can show i am truly injured but because i have no other means of income i have to go back to work injured. all because of their policy's that completely under minds that people are people and not just cash machines. even worst i can just think of family who have this insurance... More...
    happydragon's Picture   happydragon    2 Comments   Comments

    We have had a rep call and harass us to try to sign up. He got our business name from one of our vendors and when I called up that vendor I was told he stole their vendor list and has been calling each one. We don't want AFLAC. We don't need to be called over and over by the same person after we have repeatedly said no. We don't need to be visited at the office after we have said no. NICHOLAS MOGG from 199 water street, 23FL will be faced with harassment charges if he continues to call or come to the office. I have tried both calling and emailing Aflac. My boss is not... More...
    CGnyc's Picture   CGnyc    1 Comments   Comments
  • AFLAC Denying Claim

    We had an insurance representative come around and sell our employees their insurance. Having seen the commercials and with the way the representative talked about the company as willing to help other, I decided to take our Accident Insurance. Around a month ago, an accident came along that injured my shoulder. I visited the chiropractor and he filled out all necessary paperwork for me, explaining that my shoulder was essentially no longer in the joint. I filed a claim with Aflac expecting the help that their representative and commercials promise, especially after having been paying for... More...
    catiemwillis's Picture   catiemwillis    0 Comments   Comments

    My son had to be taken to the e.r Halloween (2013) night for wheezing...after a few hours in the e.r they ended up admitting him about 5am on 11/1. The got discharged in the afternoon on 11/2. I filed a Hospital Indemnity claim because he was admitted and in the hospital for over 24 hrs. I am entitled to it!! here we are in the 2nd week of december and they are still b.s'ing and pulling the pre existing card!! My son will be 2 in january, he has NEVER been diagnosed with Asthma...No doctor will diagnose a toddler that young with Asthma therefore it is NOT a pre existing... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    Cmpineira's Picture   Cmpineira    2 Comments   Comments
  • ALFAC for Business Accident Policy

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. After sitting on my sons claim for 2 weeks, the Aflac Business Department, decides that I only get $100 for Joseph's ACL surgery. When I asked to speak to a supervisor I was told they would call me back within 48 hours. They stated that since the original MRI only stated possible tear, I need an additional MRI that states there was a tear. The operative report stating that there was a tear and that it was replaced isn't good enough. According to customer service they paid me $100 for the surgery itself, really $100 that's pathetic. They didn't pay me for the knee... More...
    frannyhjrt's Picture   frannyhjrt    2 Comments   Comments
  • Signing up then cancel

    An agent came into my office and asked employees if we wanted to sign up. Well only 2 are interested but they need 3 to give them the "Group Plan". The agent told me i can sign up for life insurance for 1 week then cancel. Is this illegal. Will this look bad when i actually do need to sign up for life insurance? Need a quick answer. He wants to have me sign up in the next few days. I dont feel bad telling him no, just want to know if he is being shady by asking me to do this. Just doesnt sound or feel right.. More...
    juan1's Picture   juan1    2 Comments   Comments
  • Lies By Reps!

    I was told by my rep that I could cancel my policy any time. After paying $165/mo for 3 years, I tried to file claims and was told that NONE of my doctor bills, hospital bills, numerous medical expenses, were covered under any of my policies. I was told by my rep that "any hospital stay" was covered. He lied. I have been trying to cancel my policies since February. I was told I could, then I couldn't, now that Aflac has terminated the policies, but because of IRS rules I have to reinstate until the open enrollment. What a bunch of bologna! More...
    dianaw's Picture   dianaw    1 Comments   Comments
  • Policy Cancellation

    I signed up to have m family on AFLEC in January. I was signed up to be debited from my account around the 15th of each month. My agent didn't get my bank account information correct and my account was delayed with my first debit happening at the end of the month on 1/29. This conflicts with our mortgage. I first called in to the Aflec automated call center on March 26th at 6pm PST. I got the automated system and tried to process a policy cancellation due to the timing of the debits each month. I was unable to cancel. I then contacted my agent via e-mail on 4/1. She responded to... More...
  • Customer Support

    I have been trying to cancel my AFLEC insurance for 3 months now. There is not any e-mail contact information listed on the site and I have been told by my AFLEC agent that she cannot cancel my account. I have tried to create a login with my account information but have been unsuccessful multiple times - "unknown policy". The call center will not process our request to cancel from my husband even though we are both listed on our policy. I was gun shy that AFLEC required automated direct debit payments and they were set up to pull from our account on the 15th of every month. So far... More...
    SBehan's Picture   SBehan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Aflac cancer claim denied

    Aflac insurance does not do what they say they will. I was informed in November 2011 that Aflac was waiving all pre-existing conditions if I signed up at that time. I was being seen by a cancer doctor at the time and informed the sales reps of this and was encouraged to purchase it. I was diagnosed in January 2012 and filed my claim in May but was denied because they said there was no evidence to support a malignant condition. I appealed and was denied again because of pre-existing conditions. I called my company rep and was informed I was mis informed but she would work on filing another... More...
    Hunsaker57's Picture   Hunsaker57    0 Comments   Comments
  • AFLAC lies

    Over the last week I have spoke with 3 different representatives to figure out how to file a claim (bc they make it VERY difficult) they have all told me different things. After reading my policies over and over again I finally figured out how to correctly file the claims and they were both denied when they are CLEARLY stated as covered in my policy. Then when I called to cancel because I do not want to deal with anymore of their lies (since I got the policy to cover things that they keep not covering) they told me I can't cancel until my open ENROLLMENT period? ENROLLMENT should cover... More...
    simmonsjn's Picture   simmonsjn    1 Comments   Comments
  • Application for Exchange not mailed.

    I have repeatedly requested an Application for Exchange five time within a three week span and have received nothing. Your personnel are very good at making promises but don't deliver. This life insurance is what I am depending on for expenses for my funeral. I see that you never fail to collect the monthly premium but now that I am asking for YOUR help I receive zero. More...
    emi1959's Picture   emi1959    1 Comments   Comments
  • Aflac the Duck is'nt always honest

    Make sure of what your being sold by Aflac I had a claim denied because the agent misrepresented herself. I do not think was intentional it was due to a lack of knowing the product. I had purchased a didibility policy and was told it would pay even if it happend at work. Well it doesnt you have to buy a rider to the policy. Make sure your not mislead and they are very cold when it comes to resolving an issue they are not as advertised. Make sure of what your buying. More...
  • Total Rip-off! Somebody Kill that lying Duck!

    About nine months ago during open registration at my place of employment AFLAC put on their Dog and Pony show about what great supplemental health insurance they were and how they would help pay your bills, etc. What AFLC doesn't bother to tell you is that they make filing a claim that they will accept as difficult as possible. They have already denied a perfectly legitimate claim from me. I was looking into filing a claim for my wife, who was recently injured at work, when I discovered that AFLAC expects you to provide their claim form to the physical while you are being treated for... More...
    mcarthurdw's Picture   mcarthurdw    13 Comments   Comments
  • life insurance

    An agent from the island of ohau, ( aflac ) came to the big island, and lied to 7 hard working people, saying sign this form, but I will not turn it in till I hear from you, if you want life insurance or not, but had the gull to turn it in, we have made numerous attempts to stop all payments, but no luck, we keep getting the run around, we asked for he's superiors name, reply from him I am the boss, our site superviser, tryed her best to help us, again no luck, how can someone do this, take our hard earn money, all we are asking is, for aflac to do the right thing, give all of us back... More...
  • life insurance

    May of this year, a agent of aflac from the island of ohau, came to the big island, district of hilo, and the kona district, telling several employees (7) of sercurity company that we work for, sign this form, I will not turn it in till I hear from you, needless to say, this agent turned all the forms in, we have made numerous atempts to stop all payments to company. Our site superviser has also tryed to contact aflac, how can this agent do this to so many hard working people, I have also abtained more names of workers on the island of kaua'i, that he has done the same to them, he... More...
    briseis's Picture   briseis    0 Comments   Comments
  • AFLAC scam

    BEWARE! AFLAC scams! AFLAC denies access to my FSA funds! AFLAC collects funds bimonthly into my FSA, then denies the use of my debit card at physicians and dentist offices! When I call to complain, they say, "Oops. We made a mistake," and vow to correct it. But they don't. Repeatedly at multiple levels of "management." By making it so extremely difficult to access MY hard-earned money, they are hoping I will eventually give up and they can keep my funds at the end of the year. I escalated it as high as Kathy Nottingham, President Amos' assistant. She was as... More...
  • AFLAC steals!

    BEWARE! AFLAC scams! AFLAC denies access to my FSA funds! AFLAC collects funds bimonthly into my FSA, then denies the use of my debit card at physicians and dentist offices! When I call to complain, they say, "Oops. We made a mistake," and vow to correct it. But they don't. Repeatedly. By making it so extremely difficult to access MY hard-earned money, they are hoping I will eventually give up and they can keep my funds at the end of the year. This behavior is so unethical - Amos must a Bernie Madoff clone! More...
    AFLACvictim's Picture   AFLACvictim    2 Comments   Comments
  • aflac duck: cheats and quackers?

    Aflac Worldwide Headquarters Attention: Claims Department 1932 Wynnton Road Columbus, GA 31999-7251 This expresses my recollections and opinions as to what transpired here. I purchased a cancer policy from aflac in 1990. It was SUPPOSED to provide a one-time payment based on the age of the policy. Shortly thereafter, I had a non-cancerous tumor removed. It was never diagnosed as malignant so my aflac agent advised me no to file a claim. I followed his advice. In 2006, I was diagnosed with cancer. I talked with my aflac agent and he helped me with the paperwork and calculate... More...
    mango's Picture   mango    6 Comments   Comments

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AFLAC Comments

Morgpark1 says: (4 years ago)
Aflac critical care policy states it will cover carcinoma in situ. IT WILL NOT COVER! I have a pathology report and my application signed by my surgeon and they are still denying it. They said the carcinoma in situ had to be invasive. If it was invasive it would pay 100% idiots. Your policy states carcinoma in situ reduces the cancer policy by 25%. No id doesn't it reduces it 100% because you do not pay it. Insurance companies amaze me that they can go into very deep hidden corners of the policies where no one from their company tells you there are all kind of stipulations to get them out of paying claims. This is nothing but a pure form of stealing by ways of deceit. DO NOT PURCHAS AFLAC....THEY WILL NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING.

PGG2012 says: (4 years ago)
it is unfortunate that usually all the people who write reviews are the dissatisfied ones. My mother had a cancer policy and was diagnosed with lung cancer and had surgery and the normal treatments associated with this condition. I found her policy in her paperwork and not really expecting much, sent in a claim. Within a week I received a check for $6000. That covered the initial diagnosis payment and some chemo treatments. The entire process of filing claims and receiving payments was like that the whole time. I have since then spoken with a lot of people who have Aflac. Many have had claims, all that were paid on time and correctly. Aflac does as a matter of fact pay what they say they will pay. You have to read your policy and understand what it pays. Aflac is a great company...the Cancer policy costs $4 to $8 a week, for that small premium what it pays is really pretty incredible. Don't be mislead by people who have not done their part in understanding what they sign and pay for. I am sure there are some instances where people may have legitimate complaints, as is the case with all insurance companies, but look at the facts, you will be surprised at independent comparisons where Aflac ranks. Number 1 in voluntary insurance by a wide margin. They pay an average of $8 MILLION dollars a DAY in claims...somebody must be getting paid. Thanks for reading!

Fedupwiththeduck says: (4 years ago)
I purchased a cancer policy through my workplace over twenty years ago. When I did, and at every meeting since, my agent told me the refund of premiums if no claim was filed was still in effect. When I called to ask for it the receptionist or whoever said she checked and it isn't showing that. Fourth day that I call to speak to my agent and he isn't available AGAIN.

MrsYonnie1 says: (5 years ago)
I first saw a Dr for pain in my pelvic on 5/1/2013 and the Dr said it was from a foreign object that needed removal. I signed up for Aflac short term disability during open enrollment at my job on 5/2/2013(coincidentally) The Dr referred me to another Dr for surgery, appt. was on 5/31/2013. My Aflac took effect on 6/1/2013. My surgery was on 07/1/2013. Along with foreign object removal,I had an ovary and endometriosis removed. I was of work from 7/1/2013-8/1/2013. Will Aflac cover any of this?

JICKMILLER34 says: (5 years ago)

lysandrajade says: (6 years ago)
Feeling ripped off by AFLAC. After hearing that I had a trip to the hospital, AFLAC rep convinced my husband to sign up saying "if you had AFLAC, you would have gotten a check for that hospital visit". Our daughter was recently life-flighted and hospitalized for a week and when we tried to make a claim we were told that AFLAC doesn't cover illness related hospitalizations. When asked about the sales pitch regarding my previous hospital visit they just shrugged. Severely disappointed, believed in our coverage but got let down.

Hunsaker57 says: (6 years ago)
I was told Aflac was waiving all pre-existing conditions so I purchased you critical illness policy and am now being denied because of a pre-existing condition. You should stand behind what your sales reps say. I have sent 2 letters from individuals saying they were present when the reps told me Aflac was waiving the pre-existing conditions. I would not recommend your company to anyone. And would like to see the company I work for drop you from their coverage.

markweston says: (7 years ago)
In 2010 I received an injury. aflac paid the dr visit fee but denied me over three weeks of lost wages. I never signed anything pertaining to ineligability. also I had soft surgery on 5 toes and was denied again the $300 per soft surgery. aflac cheated me out of almost $3000 of funds I should have got costing me late fees on my bills. aflac has cheated me and anytime someone tells me they have aflac I tell them I'm sorry

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